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Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave

45 Grave is an American horror punk band from Los Angeles, CA that was formed in 1979 with its theatrical goth looks and punk sound.  They were one of the first in this horror genre.  The original band broke up in 1985, then Dinah Cancer brought it back to life in 1988 like a Frankenstein movie to be revived again. The band had many players in the past and present like Paul B. Cutler - the original founder. Rob Graves, Pat Smear, Don Bolles, Rick Agnew, and others joined the band in the early years. 45 Grave touched the MTV audience generation and their music reached the silver screen in movies such as "The Return of the Living Dead" (one of our all time favorites) and some of the bandmates even played a role in the movies like Ridley Scott's "Bladerunner". The band has a great run and is still going. I could remember the early days, walking on Hollywood Blvd and buying a 45 Grave cassette and a group of us punk rockers walking into a theater and watching Night of the Living Dead over and over again while drinking our quarts of beer. I had the privelege of photographing the band and spending some time with Dinah in the green room. We spoke of the show and an upcoming photo shoot. Let me tell you she still got it! I encourage the new generation to go see her on stage. You have the chance to see her this Thursday 5/26 at Punk Rock Bowling at the Freemont Country Club.

story by: David V Chi of Lucha Punk News!!!!

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