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Prisoner 655321 Alcatraz   


DVCHI Origin: The City of Angels and raised with a traveling wrestling circus. DVCHI traveled all over the world as a ringmaster in his Lucha Punk Gallery Circus. He has helped put together some of the most amazing shows with music, art, and a full wrestling show and is the first person in the planet to put a ring in an art gallery. DVCHI's second trade is as the most infamous international jewel thief. So while he was traveling with his circus he was pulling off heists in the most prestigious museums in Paris, Italy and the rest of the world. He is also known for his kind heart. He volunteers for special abilities, special olympics, soup kitchens and supporting numerous events. He was currently in Alcatraz and just got released and now a capo with The Lucha Punk News aka Suicide Squad.

Other skills: DVCHI directs videos, does the camera work, stunt work, photography, storyboards and runs a production and gallery.

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