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      Toe Tags 1310 & 3110
       Hollywood Morgue         

The Luchasteins, origin: body parts from old punk rockers from Germany and Tijuana Mexico. The story goes the mad Doctor Freakenstein loved watching Telemundo wrestling shows and had his great grandfather's diary to create life from a corpse and was very sucessful but ran into problems with his bonehead assistant. that grabbed the wrong brain. He thought it said Abby Norma but it really said Abnormal. So Doctor Freakenstein dumped his project in the gutters of Tijuana Mexico. Luchastein became a pro wrestler working for cheap Mexican beer and donkey tacos but soon as his career started it ended  because he would rip the limbs off his opponents all over again. Known as a ladies corpse he had plenty of game and that's how Luchastein Jr. came into the world - baby parts unknown. Both worked as a team in the underground wrestling world under assumed names but they couldn't resist using their old tactics and they tore the limbs off their last victim. The mob went wild after them and cornered them at Motel Hell Hollywood then burnt it down. The Luchasteins were declared dead but you can't kill something that's already dead. They woke up at Hollywood Forever Cemetary, read the wanted ads and now they work with Lucha Punk suicide squad reporters.

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