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The Bastards reunite at the Whisky after 24 years. This is an old school band with old school lyrics. It was a privelege seeing these guys on stage and working with them. The band formed in the mid 80's in high school in Wakefield in the UK then signed with Island Records in 1989. The following year in 1990 they moved to Hollywood, CA and fell in love with the weather and stayed. They played plenty of gigs in the US and played at the Whiskey in 1992. Then the band called in quits for awhile in 1994 but reformed in 2003. They released the album Old Fat n Sweaty that was #1 playing on 30 college radio stations. The band ended breaking up again in 2005 for a more extended period and resurfaced again in 2015. In October 2016 they'll be recording "Straight Outta Yorkshire" with Greg Hetson of Bad Religion/Circle Jerks which we can't wait for.  The Bastards are back doing shows with a whole new generation loving them. It was lots of fun interviewing these Bastards, they have a great sense of humor. The show was a success and sold out. And we want to thank the bands that helped make it happen and backed them up like Superfused who came all the way from Wigan England which rocked the house and plenty of amazing local bands like Scurvy Kids, who are coming up in the world, No Advisory who put on a great show and was everywhere on stage, and also sharing the stage was Skye Delamey/Bron Don Roberts/Riva Saputo and Among Humans. 'Til the next gig...story by David VChi.

You can find other photos of these great bands under Albums soon.

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