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Story & Photography by David Vchi

Punk Rock Bowling Las Vegas 2016 - 96 hrs of punk rock

This is the biggest punk rock event in the USA that attracts people from all over the globe since 1999 starting out in a few casinos and banquet halls evolving into a great big 4day event with 3 days outdoor venue and it doesn't stop there. There are punker bowling tournaments, punk card games, and free pool parties with bands all walking distance on Fremont Street smack in the middle of Sin City. This year had some great bands like Flag, Exploited, The Dwarves, Youth Brigade, Buzzcocks, MDC, JFA, Flogging Molly, and many more. There was plenty of booze and plenty of good times here. We also use this event for our reunions. The bowling competition starts off with the bowling teams bowling on a Saturday and competing with people all over the world and Sunday the top competitors bowl for the championship of PRB for prizes up to $10,000! We also hung out at the pool for awhile at the Golden Nugget swimming with the sharks and drinking Bloody Mary's, what a combination. After a nice swim we took a walk to the Skin Deep exhibit featuring work by Derek Ridgers, Toby Mott's Skinhead Archives, BJ Papas, and Sean Taggart which was presented by Misfit Island, Lethal Amounts, Juxtapoz, and ASG. It was a beautiful essence of punk rock history.  Then it was off back to the room for a power nap and a meal, which I found alot of great deals all through Fremont. Then we walked to the outdoor event which was just a short walk from the hotel. As we waited for the first band we went to the beer tent and had a couple of drinks then headed out and checked out their vendors with alot of cool merch for sale. The band started and I could see the crowd building up more and more. We stayed late into the night until the last band played just to give you this review. And let me tell you, it was way worth it! The people were great, everyone enjoyed themselves, the mosh pit stayed alive for all 3 days. As soon as the event ended everyone headed out to Fremont and alot of us went to some after hour party and other club shows which was alot of fun. We caught bands like Anti-Nowhere League, Mad Parade, Walk Proud and DOA. So we want to thank the Stern Brothers for 17 years of Punk Rock Bowling and putting up with all the craziness that;s inbetween.  Story and review by David V Chi  6/1/16

and we will be ading more photos to this page and others soon

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