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Ultimate Jam Night moves to its new location on the Sunset Strip at the Whiskey a Go Go. You can't ask for a better venue. Ultimate Jam includes various artists and special guests. We had the pleasure of seeing a couple of  the Chambers brothers take the stage with one of their #1 hits, Time Has Come Today and their other gold and platinum hits. The crowd was very excited and screamed for more! When the band was done, fans gathered around asking for photos and autographs. I want to point out that the Chambers brothers are one of the hardest working bands in showbiz spanning over 5 decades. We also know the Chambers brothers music is in various blockbuster movies, commercials and top video games like Call of Duty. We will release more news on the band in the near future.

Attika 7 also took the stage at the Whiskey with their heavy sound and biker presence on stage. I just have to say it was freakin' awesome! Vocalist Evan Seinfeld as we know him in the hit series Oz and in the hardcore band Biohazard showed alot of energy on stage and still could nail it. And also sharing the stage was guitarist Rusty C. as we know him in the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy as Quinn. And the other hardcore members are Ira Black on guitar and Tommy Holt on drums. Attika 7 has been around since 2010. The lyrics of their music was written behind penitentiary walls. We hope to see more of them in the near future, we'll keep you updated.

For the first time appearing at Ultimate Jam Night, was Stephen Pearcy, original lead vocalist from the metal band Ratt who gave a great performance singing a few hit songs. The 80's hair band Ratt spans for 3 decades with gold and platinum albums and have fans around the world. Pearcy now is on other projects working on new music. we wish him the best!

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