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 In Loving Memory of  Joshua Fischel

Joshua Fischel - Producer, musician and manager of Music Tastes Good Festival passed away at the age of 47. Josh collapsed on Sunday and was admitted to the hospital from his ongoing battle and fatigue. The family had to make the hard decision to take him off life support the following day. Josh is survived by his wife, his brothers and other family. Joshua was battling cirrhosis of the liver for some time now. Even though he was in poor health he still took on the challenges. I seen Fischel several times bouncing around during the event running it. I heard a lot of good things about Fischel from my friends that personally knew him for many years. They say he was a very outgoing person, always helping out others as much as he could and showed a lot of support til the end. He was a resident of Long Beach and part of the punk rock community. Fischel also performed around the world with artists like Pearl Jam, Fishbone and others. He also played guitar, sang and was known for other projects. I've witnessed many posts, comments and people's happy memories with Josh. He has a big following that went with his big heart. 

The festival was a success! Thousands of people attended the 3 day event. It had great food, plenty of drinks and good spirit. The event was held in the middle of Long Beach downtown. Several streets were blocked off for this massive event to make room for their great big stages and vendors. It also included a variety of artists, such as The Specials, Living Color, De La Soul, The Melvins, Spider, War Paint Dr Dog and many more. I had the pleasure of participating in this event capturing great moments on stage thanks to Josh and some band mates. This photographer, newsman is very appreciative of the opportunity to be given a chance to work it. Thank you Josh!

Story by David Vchi   

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